Helping business and community accelerate opportunity with climate, social and tech change

Strategic roadmaps, innovation, business cases, product development, pathway to market, programme management, climate governance 

Why us

  • We urgently need agile, transformative change (think climate, digitisation and the rapid turnover of Fortune 500 companies). Projecting BAU is no longer enough
  • Capture transformative opportunities by aligning your purpose with the mega trends re-shaping how business, sectors and consumers connect 
  • We equip your team to deliver your transformative road-map with future thinking, experimentation, innovation, validation, business cases & delivery. 

Access decades of international expertise connecting strategy, product development, innovation, research, operations and digital technology, backed with a Chartered Accountant's (UK) financial objectivity and Transition Engineer's intentional transition methodology. 

Diverse sector expertise

  • Energy, Financial Services, Engineering & Digital Start Ups
  • Clean energy, transport and sharing economy integration
  • Climate change governance policy, framework and opportunity roadmaps
  • Consumer and organisational engagement and behaviour change
  • New energy, smart networks, new network solutions and transactive energy

Recognition for projects led by our people

  • World Energy Council Top 100 Sustainable Energy Transition Start Up
  • Winner Sustainable Business Network NZI Revolutionising Energy Award
  • Winner Deloitte Energy Awards Innovation of the Year
  • Finalists Deloitte Awards Innovation & Technology Platform of the Year
  • Winner JPMorgan EMEA Treasury Services Product of the Year
  • Winner European Banking Technology Awards Best STP

A Taste Of What We Do - And Why!

  • Transactive grid start up connecting DERs, the sharing economy, consumers and networks

"Disruptive innovation is driving change in the energy system at an unprecedented scale and pace, [highlighting] the impact of technology, policy, social, and business model changes on the demand and supply side. " Muqsit Ashraf, Senior Managing Director, Accenture Strategy, Energy.

Why: A $1.3 trillion transfer of the energy wallet to digital energy solutions is predicted with the massive wave of investment in distributed energy resources (DERs) ie PV, wind, EV, storage and IOT.

What: Commercialisation programme from concept, through validation, roadmap, first sales to investor funding utilising the best practice (Techstar) innovation accelerator programme.

  • Climate change governance policy & implementation framework

"The vision and action of Directors and executives is fundamental to addressing the risks posed by climate change and delivering a smooth transition to a low-carbon economy. " Mark Carney, Governor Bank Of England and former Chair of the G20 Financial Stability Board

Why: Directors are now acting on their fiduciary responsibility to ensure businesses respond to climate change: mitigating impact, adapting to manage risks and seizing opportunity.

What: Climate change policy & implementation toolkit equipped this investor in financial institution's Board to assess the level of climate change governance for now and Management to plan pragmatic initial steps.

  • New Network Technology Business Cases

"Fundamental shifts are coinciding to create a level of unprecedented change and unpredictability in electricity, alongside whole new levels of complexity." Graeme Peters, CEO, ENA

Why: With new investment stepping up in 40yr+ life network assets, the business needed to plan for the economic and technology roadmap for new alternatives.

What: Benefit cases, adoption roadmaps and decision tools for energy storage, network automation, LV data, non wire alternates, distributed energy resourcess and field mobility solutions.

We work with multiple specialist partners, including  TransitionHQ and Climate Navigator, to deliver the tools and team you need. Contact us to find out more how we can help your journey from today's challenge to tomorrow's delivered better world.


Accelerating the carbon downshift

A TE case study video connecting transport, electrification, building, urban & financial design.

Engineering The Transition

10 years. Millions of decisions to drive transition. Be inspired by Transition Engineering & Matauranga māori.

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