New network technologies business cases (ESS, FLISR, smart data)

Business and benefits cases to assist positioning multi year investment programs in new network technologies.

Falling costs and increasing applications of energy storage, sensors, automation, data open new possibilities for networks through structured piloting and adoption programs. But a strategic overview and investment case is needed.

Consumer Digital And Low Voltage Sensor Data For Network Management

Analysis of approaches to access and utilitise consumer digital, network sensor and other data sources for more effective network management.

Data from multiple sources can assist run more dynamic networks and deliver better consumer outcomes through tactical analyses or strategic investments in Distributed Resource Management Systems 

Automated Fault Location And Network Service Restoration Solutions

Analysing pathways to and benefits of FLISR including loop automation schemes, increasing complexity over time and opportunities to consider DERs.

Utility Energy Storage Systems

Systems look expensive but there are many value streams to share in the right applications including reduced VOLL, energy and reserves markets and behind the meter.

Real time asset ratings

Real time asset or thermal ratings can defer upgrades and add operational flexibility. There are tactical opportunities but as Distributed Resource Management Systems are implemented, there can be even more cases to apply this.