EV infrastructure, connected vehicles, digital & MaaS strategies

Capturing the new value streams with EV, CAV, digital technology and social changes

EVs offer to use our renewable resources, healthier travel, $ savings and an exceptional driver experience. But that is just the start. When viewed with other technology and social changes they transform our options.

Understanding the platforms under development around EV charging alone, shows they can create immense value such as in energy services (reducing peaks, optimising renewable energy use, offering market services) as well as stimulate electricity retail innovation (sharing PV, mobile power bills) and more.

Connected vehicles create new information and response driven opportunities across the Transport and many other domains. Combined with social changes (the sharing economy), the potential for Mobility As A Service to transform transport (and dramatically impact power) is dramatic.

Facilitating Strategic Thinking

Project leading a "C-level" work group from across electricity and liquid fuels industries, new innovators and policy assess the opportunity with electric, connected and autonomous vehicles, Mobility As A Service and related digital and social change.

This builds on assisting distributors and innovators on strategic planning and execution for the imminient transport and energy revolution as well as conference presentations and thought papers.