Legal Plus

Helping everyone access justice; Delivering community well-being and hauora

Legal Plus will be at the heart of Taranaki taking leadership to pilot transformative justice and social well-being solutions in partnership with engaged justice, community and well-being stakeholders.

For our people, Taranaki will deliver better access to justice, well-being outcomes and social enterprise jobs.

Silk Advisory is supporting this exciting not for profit's innovation, validation, start up, funding, strategic roadmap and tactical execution journey. Read the Legal Plus story ...

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People can't access justice

Lawyers cost too much for most people (and are pretty daunting); Few qualify for legal aid; Community law is too stretched

Society suffers the impact

Whānau, work and Taha Hinengaro (mental wellbeing) suffer as people struggle with inaccessible or costly justice and associated trauma in life

Affordable accessible law

Legal Plus offers "pay what you can afford" legal services delivered empathically with a focus on physical, social, cultural and convenient access

Well-being support

Legal Plus understands the stresses that are so often hand in hand with legal issues and will holistically triage peoples needs, developing a wrap around service to guide them through the well-being, financial, employer or family support they need

The outcomes

Affordable, accessible access to justice where and when people need it across Taranaki

Wrap around support helping people navigate their connected wellness, job, family and financial issues upfront for a healthier community

Transforming justice & social systems

Support us and pilot the called for transformed and integrated justice and social future (Te Uepū Hāpai i te Ora, Safe & Effective Justice Advisory Group) delivering justice, well-being & savings in Taranaki. These are $bn services that dramatically impact life across Aotearoa